EMS ROADDOCS   Wisconsin - Northern Illinois Chapter

The EMS Roaddocs Riding Club is made up entirely of full and part time people who work in Emergency services active and retired this includes doctors, nurses, paramedics, EMT’s and Firefighters. We are a club that has no affiliation with any other motorcycle club in the country. We are a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who are not going to bring attention or disrespect to the emergency services or the club. Any member who violates the By-Laws, as established, or causes undue or negative attention to the EMS system or the club will have their membership terminated. The primary goal of The EMS Roaddocs is to promote riding and friendship among Emergency Medical personal.



We wanted to bring the finest America has to offer,together in friendship and service. There is a natural bond among us that serve our country in one way or another and the EMS Roaddocs is a way to bring us together. Our members are honest, hardworking, good people and that is the type of people we want to ride with. Both men and women are welcome in our organization. We do not discriminate against race or religion either.


We need everyone to help support this great cause.

This year we will again be collecting blankets for hospice patients. Hospice staff do everything they can to keep patients comfortable. Let's help them accomplish that goal by providing them with comfy new fleece blankets and prayer blankets. Blankets must be new not used. There are a great number of patients being cared for by hospice staff around the world. For 2015 we will be donating blankets collected to Journey Care Hos...pice inpatient unit in Barrington, IL, as well as Agrace Hospice Care Madison, WI. We will be delivering them just be for Christmas to the patients in the facilities, staff will then be able to deliver the rest to home patients. Hospice care staff are amazing people and this is a great way for everyone to help them put smiles on the faces of their patients.

Make this huge! Put this years blanket drive into overdrive! We would love to see this carried on by others everywhere! Start collecting blankets for hospice facilities in your area and then share stories and pictures of blankets with us. Can we make this go worldwide?

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