4 Cornerstones of the EMS ROADDOCS

Medical Training

First Responder Program. Introduced students to the First Responder program available at some elementary and secondary schools. First Responders typically have a background in fire or EMT programs, but specific requirements will differ from one school to the next. High school students interested in being a First Responder may need to take a CPR and First Aid class.

We are medical professionals ready to help you. Would you know what to do in a cardiac, breathing or first aid emergency? The right answer could help you save a life. With an emphasis on hands-on learning, our First Aid/CPR/AED courses give you the skills to save a life.

In an emergency, natural disaster,  or public health incident, volunteers  with the right training are invaluable.  Volunteers are needed all across the Midwest . Whether or not you have medical  training, you can become an everyday  hero by becoming trained.

Leadership and Development

EMS ROADDOCS looks for opportunities to give in our community. Many schools collect items, such as like canned foods, old coats, toys and eyeglasses, for less fortunate families.

Bring toys to children in the cancer care of a hospital.

Support the veterans in all regards. Show them we support them, and will stand by them and for them.

A high school career day can help students prepare for their future careers and plan the track of education they will need to follow. Students will get a chance to learn about different careers while networking with local medical professionals in that field. It is important to start early when planning a career to make sure there are enough medical professionals for tomorrows needs

Community Support

There are so many different reasons to volunteer our time. Everyone seems to have their own reasons for volunteering. Some people want to make a difference in the world. Some people want to have some fun. Some people want to learn or use a skill. There is no right or wrong reason for volunteering, it is just important that we do volunteer.

EMS ROADDOCS will support our community in a wide variety programs  for both non for profit, veterans, animal shelters, and children wellness programs

Business Networking

  Networking is a way of extending your reach, so that your products or services can be known by as many people in your market, as possible. It can help you develop new business, but it can also help you meet people who can become important to your business and personal growth in many ways. 

Networking begins as basic communication between people who share an interest in each other and their business, for the purpose of advancing opportunities for each of those who participate in the network.

EMS ROADDOCS supports local business, and American made products. 

We are ready to refer quality people, quality products, and quality services

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