A Few Words From The Founder - Bill Benson - RN


How It All Began



Before the EMS ROADDOCS became a riding club I had tried to join a motorcycle club that was for healthcare professionals but I never did get a response from this club. I hung around a law enforcement club and quickly found out I had very few things in common with these types of clubs.


 When I started dreaming up the ROADDOCS I wanted a club that would be different from any other club. I started with coming up with our logo. Most clubs have a logo that brings fear or has demonic animals. Our logo has the star of life and then came along “Doc Dex” our fictional character in the middle of our logo. Doc Dex was that character we dreamed as young people going to the doctor’s office. Our imaginations ran wild and we feared someone standing with a saw and huge needle, but after our experience we found out that these people who work in healthcare are not to be feared. Our logo makes it so Emergency Medical Services (EMS) can be distinctively identified for the benefit of not only EMS providers but also their patients and the general public.

The EMS Roaddocs riding club originated in Janesville Wisconsin on June 2011. When the club was first formed it was about a group of people who work in healthcare that ride motorcycles together. The EMS Roaddocs Riding Club expanded quickly with full and part time people who work in Emergency services active and retired which included doctors, nurses, paramedics and emergency medical technicians. 


The club continued to grow and has now reached 15 states and into Europe and Australia. As the club was growing it was very evident that we wanted to be like no other club. The EMS ROADDOCS started offering teaching programs to both healthcare professionals and bystanders. Our organization offered CPR, basic first aid and Accident Scene Management for bystanders. The club also went to support motorcycle events and became very active in honoring our veterans.

Now the club was offering medical help at events, honoring our veterans and teaching our communities. The club was still not done it became a 501c3 Non for profit organization and also started selling trauma bags to our communities. 

The EMS ROADDOCS want to teach the public about us as healthcare workers and want everyone trained in case there is an emergency event in their home or business. While other clubs just ride motorcycles the EMS ROADDOCS honors our veterans and support charity motorcycle events, when other clubs put their motorcycle away when it is cold the EMS ROADDOCS are teaching ASMI and CPR to our communities.



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